AchieveForum designs & delivers customized learning solutions to accelerate large organizations’​ strategies and drive measurable results at every level of leadership.

AchieveForum brings together the global leadership capabilities of AchieveGlobal and The Forum Corporation. This combination has produced one of the most comprehensive and effective offerings in the leadership development space. And by uniting two of the most respected companies in the industry, we have a legacy that includes hundreds of clients across more than 50 countries. Most importantly, we created products and services that are unparalleled in terms of designing the most effective learning and development solutions.

Partnership with AchieveForum

Göran works as a partner for AchieveForum on many international projects, facilitating Wokshops, Training and Coaching sessions in German, English and Swedish. With Achieve Forum, Göran predominately helps out with leadership development, helping leaders learn to more effectively provide clarity, create unity and develop agility, This approach helps our clients realize measurable leadership performance at every level.

In-House Training

Göran together with AchieveForum can help you realize your project. We build comprehensive development solutions that engage learners, close skill gaps and measurably improve performance in three areas:

  • Leadership Performance
  • Sales Performance
  • Talent Assessment & Analytics

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